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Almost every item is embellished or printed in house at Omerta MIA. We do our best to keep our shelves stocked so that as soon as your order comes in it will immediately go out, however to keep costs down and domestic shipping free sometimes items are not in hand. Although MOST items will go out same day or next day. And yes we are here on the weekends printing and shipping. We don't like to have fun or enjoy ourselves. We just like to make awesome clothing!

Guys, I live in New York City. My package says delivered but its not here, whats the big deal? 

Please understand just because we hand print everything doesn't mean we hand deliver everything. Once it leaves Omerta HQ the wonderful United States Postal service has it. Remember, they are a government agency. Check with a neighbor or leave a note for your mailman. Also sometimes an item will state "delivered" and it will arrive the following day. Please don't get aggravated at us. We promise we didn't fly to your doorstep and steal your package back. 99% of the time your package will arrive even after it says delivered. In all other scenarios like alien abductions and sticky fingered transients the nice folks at Omerta (that's us) will still make it right.


If you have an address on the moon than we will ship it there! Yes we do ship worldwide. International shipping can take 2-6 weeks depending. It varies country to country and is out of our control. Most times you usually have within 2-3 weeks. We DO NOT pay your customs fees or import taxes for your country. We do however try to keep the value on your parcel down so you have to pay less. Keep in mind to ship two shirts to (insert country here) it costs us $24 usd, however we only charge you $18 because we want you to order our products.

But guys, I live in the (Insert country here). It says it left the USA but I have no further tracking info, can you help? 

We can try. However you have to understand on international shipping the number you receive is not a "tracking" number it is a customs number so you will not receive daily updates on that items progress. You will be notified when it leaves our warehouse and usually be notified upon its arrival to your customs or your address. If you are one of those people that need minute to minute updates on the progress of your items whereabouts than you can pay for DHL or UPS international which will most likely be 4 times the price.


PLEASE NOTE OUR RETURNS ADDRESS HAS CHANGED! Yes. You can exchange your item for a larger or smaller size. Keep in mind some of our items are "fitted" others are not. All dimensions for sizing are on every items listing. Also if it is overly fitted like our "fitted sweatshirt" that is in the products title.

All that being said for all returns and exchanges it is best to include original invoice if not please include the order number, what the item is being exchanged for and confirm it is being sent back to the same address it was originally ordered to and send to:

Omerta MIA
50768 Schoenherr Road
Shelby Township, MI 48315

You will pay shipping to return it to us and we will pay to have it shipped back to you.


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