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The Omerta concept has long been considered an old school “street code.” This code is commonly affiliated with the names of mafioso's past and present. In our opinion Omerta is not just about gangsters, gangs or thugs, it’s about carrying yourself as an exemplary man or more importantly, a gentleman. Times were different back in the “good ole days” when men handled their own. A handshake meant something then; it was a representation of your word. There was no cop calling, no tattle tailing; vendettas were settled on the streets mano a mano. There was a unspoken pride that came along with being a true old fashioned gentleman and some gentlemen happened to become legendary gangsters. Circumstances might have changed lives but core values remained the same. Respect had to be earned, honor was your word, and loyalty was a trait you’d fight to the grave for. At Omerta we try to exemplify these beliefs in our personal lives and through our brand we continually strive to instill these values back into society. We practice what we preach and print on our clothing. It’s important for us to lead by example because talk is cheap and actions will always speak louder than words. Please continue to walk with your head held high, live your life by the Gentleman’s Code and be proud to be a representation of a lifestyle that has a deep rooted meaning in all cultures and social classes.


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