Gentlemans Interview With Freddy Cricien

Gentlemans Interview With Freddy Cricien

1) What would you consider to be the most important values to portray as a Gentleman?
  FC-The cliche/stock answer would be Respect - but it's the truth..isn't it?! I think that carrying yourself in a respectful way, will get you far in any walk of life. Courtesy. Class. Dignity. Those are other words that come to mind. To say I've perfected the way of a gentlemen, would be a lie. I forget myself sometimes. That said, generally speaking, I do make a genuine effort and always have. I try to carry myself a certain way.... for the most part. Especially in a family setting - when there's women,  children and older folks present.. It shouldn't be that hard to not act like a bafoon. Time and place you know? But, for some it is hard. Hence the phrase - learn the hard way. 
2) People these days say chivalry is dead. Do you believe that and why?
  FC-I don't think it's dead. With me its not - I mean double check with my wife..haha..but i don't think so!  I just think it's not common practice, like it once was. Sadly.  Some factions of young men today, they totally don't "get it" and that's to do with their upbringing. Plain and simple. I didn't have a perfect functional family setting,etc. Far from it. That said, certain things were instilled in me, for that I'm grateful. Worse part about the youth, they think it's actually cool to be unchivalrous. Damn shame.. Kids today!! I guess I'm getting old or they're getting stupid. 
3) What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?
  FC-My children. My family. I'm not a perfect parent or husband, by any means. Everyday is a learning experience! I have a lot of old demons that I'm still exorcising! But, in the words of Willie Nelson- "when I started counting my blessings my whole world  turned around"..I'm getting there. I have to thank My wife Lisa who saved me from myself and gave me two incredible children. This will always be my greatest accomplishment,the one I'm most proud of. Something I'll nurture and protect until the end. 
4) What is the most important piece of knowledge given to or learned by you during your life?
  FC-Man, I'm still learning, growing, evolving. I don't think that'll ever end. Humility is an important thing to always carry with you, that's what I've learned. No matter who you are or think you are. Remember, life and death do not discriminate. Be focused. Be passionate. Be confident. Be a go getter. That's all good stuff. But, humility is a key component in everything you do. 
5) What piece of advice would you like to offer the youth to help make society more productive?
  FC-Hahah.. Be chivalrous for starters! Guys and gals, to all the youth I'd say this- listen to your parents and the people around you that have been on this planet, much longer than you. Im not saying, do everything they do or did. Don't be them. But listen, take it in. Learn. Then go be yourself! Enjoy life but don't live it through the Internet. Use that as a tool, that's what it is. The really get the most out of life you have to interact, travel, see things with your own eyes. Get educated but questions things as well. Don't be a follower,.. Blah blah etc. you know the deal! 
6) When faced with adversity in your life what tools did you use to overcome these circumstances?
  FC-I've been faced with adversity on more occasions then I'd like to remember. Unfortunately, that continues throughout life - different manifestations. Would I change my experiences thus far, probably not. It made me who I am. Would I change things so my children don't experience what I did. Absolutely. That's what we do. That's why we're here. Try to make it an easier ride for the next generation. I think it's hard to say how you're going to handle a situation, until it actually happens. Then you say, I should have handled that differently..ha. My best advise - find a focal point of inspiration. Your children. Faith. Belief in yourself. A parent. A sibling. A cause. A brotherhood. Fight hard not just for you....but for them/that. You can will things to be better, I believe. Having an extra bit of incentive to "fight"....truly helps. That's my opinion. 
7) If you could walk in the shoes of any gangster from any era who would it be and why?
  FC-That's easy. Carlo Gambino. He was a "class act" when it came to gangsterism. A Don's Don. He ruled for decades. Started in the 20's and worked his way up to not only being a godfather, but heading the commission. He knew the old way and ushered in the new. He lived by the street codes and also the gentleman's code. What more can I say!! No flash. No fantasy. He was about family and taking care of business. He died in 76 the end of an era.. Bring the G's back. 
8) Do you have a particular role model you would like to acknowledge? How did they influence your life?
  FC-I have a few people that I really respect and admire. How they carry themselves and how they treat others. What they've been through how they've overcome it, etc. But, I have to give this one up to my brother Rudy. I love and learned a lot from all my siblings and my family in general. Same with many of my dear friends - I've learned a lot and admire them all for Different reasons. But Rudy is a special human being and I think he needs to be mentioned. 

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