Gentlemans Interview with Don Capria

Gentlemans Interview with Don Capria

1) What would you consider the most important values to portray as a gentleman?

  DC-Respect. Hands down. This one virtue bleeds into so many others, but I believe it is the root of all others, if you want to carry your self as a true gentlemen.  

2) People these days say chivalry is dead. Do you believe that and why?

  DC-I think we all live within our own perceptions of how the world “should” be. Some people think the world is ending and the truth is, these wars outside and what’s happening is really nothing compared to what our grandparents faced in the past. I am chivalrous in many ways, so therefore chivalry is alive to me. 

3) What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

  DC-I think for me, on a personal level, it is that I am close with my family and friends. I can call one of my childhood friends right now and talk on the phone for an hour after not having spoken in years. This always felt to me like I was doing something right in my life.

4) What is the most important piece of knowledge given to or learned by you during your life? 

  DC-That man moves in the direction of his dominant thoughts. If you wake up thinking about doing something you will probably end up doing it. This has been a key for me in achieving my goals in life. You have to be thinking about what you want to do and staying focused on the plan.

5) What piece of advice would you like to offer our youth to help make society more productive?

  DC-Failure. I think we are creating a weaker society with the thought that people can’t lose. Whether in sports or a fistfight it is ok to take a loss. Some of our greatest victors have lost a thousand times before that success story they are well known for. I learn more from stories of failure than I do from a story of success.

6) When faced with adversity during your life what tools did you use to overcome these difficult circumstances?

  DC-Patience. My mother always told me to “weather the storm” and I did, and every storm passes. You just have to realize that when you are  trapped in it.

7) Gotta switch it up on you and throw a curveball into the question list. If you could walk in the shoes of any gangster from any era who would you choose why?

  DC-If I had to stay in those shoes, I would say, Charles “Lucky” Luciano. He lived “the life” and survived so many power struggles, always keeping ahead of the game. He was one of the greatest gangsters to walk the earth.

8) Do you have a particular role model that you would like to acknowledge and how did they influence your life?

  DC-My Uncle Ray. He was always a positive, responsible, family man. I learned a lot from him over a long period of time. He demonstrated all the qualities of a man that I hope to have. That type of influence cannot be learned in a few lessons.

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