Gentlemans Interview with Danny Marianino

Gentlemans Interview with Danny Marianino


1) What would you consider the most important values to portray as a gentleman?


  DM-I'd have to say Loyalty. Without loyalty, as a man, you have nothing. You have to trust the people close to you and they have to trust you as well. Honor and integrity is earned with being loyal to your friends and your family. 

2) People these days say chivalry is dead. Do you believe that and why?


  DM-I think it's still out there, but it all depends on how someone was brought up. When I was in a grocery store the other day with my nephew, he thanked a veteran with a Korean War hat on for his service. It was just a random guy we passed in the isle. I was so proud of him for making this elderly veteran smile and his show of honor to the guy. Everyone else was just shuffling around in the store like he was just some old guy in the way. It's not dead, it's just few and far between. 


3) What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?


  DM-I'm rich with family and good friends. It says something about a mans character when he is surrounded by good people and I'm surround by the best. I'm a lucky guy to have the people in my life I have. 


4) What is the most important piece of knowledge given to or learned by you during your life? 


  DM-Don't wait for it to happen, if you want something get off your ass and go get it. Everyone is quick to toss blame on their circumstances. My father taught me at a young age, there is always a way to make a dollar, you gotta just go get it. You are only worth how much your willing to sacrifice and bust your ass. 


5) What piece of advice would you like to offer our youth to help make society more productive?


  DM-I think these kids gotta take more pride in what they do. Whatever it is; don't let others dictate what is acceptable and what is not. I have learned with doing a little comedy that people are afraid to take chances and say what they want. I say go for it, take a chance. You may find out more about yourself. 



6) When faced with adversity during your life what tools did you use to overcome these difficult 


  DM-I'm a guy who takes my time and plans my every step. I'm generally not impulsive; My reactions tend to be more calculated. I think about every step before I take it. Use your head. 


7) Gotta switch it up on you and throw a curveball into the question list. If you could walk in the shoes of any gangster from any era who would you choose why?


  DM-I was always a fan of Vito Genovese. Though he was a brutal individual he was also a major US liaison during World War II and assisted the US Army in Naples. But what I found hilarious is he was hijacking items from the army and selling them in the black market. So even though he was still doing good he still was robbing everyone blind. Some balls! He was charged with murder after murder but he never rolled on anyone. 


8) Do you have a particular role model that you would like to acknowledge and how did they influence your life?


  DM-I'd have to say my father. He is the last of the mohicans. An old school real deal guy who you could trust with anything. He really taught me a lot growing up about integrity and honor and they don't make them anymore like my pop. One of a kind. 


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