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Dicky Barrett is a musician, actor, radio personality and a television announcer for the Jimmy Kimmel show. He is the front man of Ska punk band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Dicky has been an influential figure in the music scene for over thirty years and in his time has toured the world. His roots go back to the streets of Providence, RI and Boston, MA; cities where gentleman would mix with gangsters and as long as you show each respect you receive what you give in return. We sat down with Dicky recently to share some stories, some laughs, and some memories and during that time I got to put him on the spot with these Gentleman's Code questions.

1) What would you consider the most important values to portray as a gentleman?
DB-No mystery here, the basics; honesty, loyalty, respect. The things people expect to get from other people I've found the more you give it the more you get it. As cliché as all that might sound.
2) People these days say chivalry is dead. Do you believe that and what are the reasons behind your answer?
DB-Those people might be right, they shouldn't be, but the truth is they just might be. Women should feel safe, honored and cherished and that is up to men. 
3) What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?
DB-Always being able to make my living the way I've always wanted to.
4) What is the most important piece of knowledge given to or learned by you during your life?
DB-Nothing is as serious, pressing or as important as most people want you to believe it is.
5) What piece of advice would you like to offer our youth to help make society more productive?
DB-Show compassion wherever possible. The more understanding you have the more you will be able to understand. The more tolerance you show the more you will be able to tolerate.
6) When faced with adversity during your life what tools did you use to overcome these difficult circumstances?
DB-I would rely on the love and support of the people I've loved and supported.

7) Gotta switch it up on you and throw a curve ball into the question list. If you could walk in the shoes of any gangster from any era who would you choose and what are the reasons behind your choice?

DB-Public enemy #1 - John Dillinger was by far my favorite. He would rob banks and use his wits (like no one else).  
8) Do you have a particular role model that you would like to acknowledge and how did they influence your life?
DB-My Uncles Richard, Don, Gene, and Jerry on my Mother's side and my Uncle Dick on my Dad's. All very different people that took very different paths. They all have various qualities that I hopefully inherited and definitely try to emulate.

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